You can make phone calls to mobile phones and landlines from Skype for Web now

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Make phone calls to mobile phones and landlines from Skype for Web

Most of the people use Skype on their desktops but there is a useful Skype for Web application that you can use in case you don’t want to install. Previously you could not make phone calls to mobile phones and landline numbers from Sky for Web, but now you can. You can also play YouTube videos from within Skype for Web if you want to. I have been using Skype for Web occasionally but a big problem that I was facing was that I couldn’t transfer files. Whenever I needed to transfer files I had to resort to using the desktop version of Skype.

It seems lots of people must be using Skype for Web instead of the desktop version and Microsoft would like to use the revenue opportunity that is present on the desktop Skype. Of course when you make calls to mobile phones and landline numbers using Skype for Web you will be using your credit. It is around 2.3 cents per minute. In this regard, if you are a price-sensitive phone caller, yesterday I wrote about Primo Connect which seems to charge 1 cent per minute. The only problem with Primo Connect is that right now it seems to be a shaky service and not as reliable as Skype.

Why would you watch YouTube videos within Skype when you can straightaway go to the website? Sometimes people share YouTube links with you. These links are embedded in the interface now instead of appearing just as hyperlinks. So you can start playing the videos while having your chat instead of first leaving the Skype for Web browser window and then going to the YouTube link.

Along with adding the ability to call landlines and mobile phones, you will also be able to get notifications from Skype for Web. Previously, while using Skype for Web, you would hear a “tding” and if you missed the sound and you were on another tab or using another application, you wouldn’t notice the new messages. This no longer remains the case. Now notifications have been incorporated just like the desktop Skype application. You will get the regular notifications so that you don’t miss the new incoming messages.

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