The Philae space probe that had landed on a comet and vanished, has been found

Philae space probe found by the Rosetta orbiter on the comet
Philae space probe found by the Rosetta orbiter on the comet

Just imagine, finding a lost space probe in the infinity of the universe. Exactly this has happened with the European Space Agency’s Philae spacecraft or space probe that went missing two years ago after landing on a comet named Comet67P. All hope was lost when the controls on earth lost all contact with the space probe. The Philae probe had been released upon the comet by the Rosetta orbiter, and ever since then Rosetta orbiter has been trying to locate Philae.

Incidentally, the process of tracking Comet67P was at its last stage. The mission was being wrapped up on September 30 because by then the comet would be too far away from the sun and it will be difficult to receive signals from the Rosetta orbiter, which is, as is the name, orbiting the comet.

The Philae space probe got stuck in one of the cracks of Comet67P after landing on it and then lost all communication with the Rosetta orbiter. The space probe had a rough landing and after the touchdown, it bounced off and then flew away to another part of the comet and all contact was lost. The Rosetta orbiter has located the Philae space probe stuck in one of the cracks of the comet after two years, according to the new images downloaded from the Rosetta probe.

Although the Philae space probe isn’t working and there is no hope of getting it back, the images sent by the Rosetta probe show from where the space probe sent data on the comet and this will allow space scientists obtain more information about the comet.

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