Fewer people are using smartphones, they are using the older, simple phone models

Less people using smartphones these days
Less people using smartphones these days

This NBC news report says that the drop in the sales of iPhones is an indication of an overall interest for smartphones fading. It seems fewer people are using smartphones and more and more are going back to the older, simpler versions of the sort of phones that we used to have in the early 2000’s or, more aptly, the pre-iPhone days.

Why fewer people are using smartphones? One big reason could be that as the use of mobile phones increases, the older generation that wasn’t using mobile phones up till now is also getting connected, and the older generation isn’t much crazy about “smartphones”. I will give you a personal example.

My sister purchased a Samsung smartphone for my mother about a year ago. Although it was an entry level smartphone, it was still a bit complicated for my mother with all the icons splattered across the screen and having to unlock the phone and such. Whatever was the problem, she was finding it difficult to use a smartphone.

When she totally gave up, I purchased a BlackBerry flip phone for her. Again, using the trackball and figuring out the various menu levels became a problem for her. Eventually I have purchased for her a very basic level Nokia phone with just the screen to show the phone numbers and a few stock icons that come with the phone and the big keyboard. No navigation is required. When she needs to make a call there is no complicated procedure and when she needs to receive a call, all she has to do is press the green button. She is very happy with her phone.

Millions of older people might be facing this problem, and according to the link given above, even by people who don’t want to bother much about the latest technology that comes with smartphones.

Another problem with smartphones is that there is too much intrusion. You are receiving notifications all the time. There is this tendency to check out various apps. Instead of enjoying the moments you’re taking photographs. Everybody wants you to be present on social media all the time. All these activities can be a big put off.

One more reason why fewer people might be using smartphones is because these days sometimes even very young kids are given a mobile phone by their parents and although these kids are very smart, the parents don’t want to give them smartphones because then all the time they will be playing games and watching videos. It’s better to give them simpler, the so-called “dumber” phones.

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