More people use dating apps during snowstorms like Jonas

People use dating apps more during snowstorms like Jonas
People use dating apps more during snowstorms like Jonas

It seems despite the suggestions that one should keep the usage of smartphone apps to the minimum in order to save cell phone battery during snowstorms like Jonas, more people have been using dating apps during the recent storm. The storm has been keeping many people inside and when people are alone, the seek company for entertainment as well as emotional and physical comfort. According to this Fox Business report, 10 million matches were made during the storm Jonas (especially in the areas lying in the path of the storm) and at a particular time, the chances of making a match were 3.3 times higher than usual. It’s unclear how many of those matches met up, although not recommended in a storm. However, it’s very likely that some weren’t able to resist and likely met up with one another, whether that be for a date or even a hook up. Those looking for just hookups could have just watched Twink Porn Videos and others alike to get frisky without risking going out in a storm.

Usage statistics made available by dating apps like Tinder and Happn show that messaging was more than 139% higher compared to usual times. Likes were 66% higher than usual times in New York City with 27 inches of snow. Messaging was 342% higher and likes were 95% higher at 22 inches of snow in Philadelphia. Across the US, during the Jonas snowstorm, signups of various dating sites and mobile apps were up by 43%. It isn’t recommended that anyone go outdoors during such storms, so whether these matches were meeting up is unclear. A potentially safer way of curbing the loneliness many people feel when locked in their homes is to look at getting silicone love dolls to help with those long winter nights. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a partner to hold whilst the snow swirls outside, so it could help many people to resist the temptation of meeting up with a date during dangerous weather.

Winter is not stirring up the Cupid just in the US during the snowstorm Jonas. A particular French dating app experienced a surge to 10 million people from 1.6 million just last year, although the data is from 35 cities around the world.

This pattern is observed across multiple snowstorms and winter seasons. Last year when winter storm Juno hit the American East Coast the membership of the Hinge dating app increased by 47%.

Behavioural patterns created by different dating apps have concluded that activities on various dating apps attain their peak during winter times and especially during extreme winter conditions. There is a “cuffing season” in the US where people spend time together especially during the frigid months.

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