People are buying and downloading less and less phone apps

Smartphone apps
Smartphone apps

Yesterday I wrote about why Google needn’t worry about the other smartphone companies not using Google Apps, but now there is another problem surfacing that may weaken Google’s advantage over the smartphone apps market. According to this The Independent article fewer people are purchasing, or even downloading phone apps. According to a report quoted in the article nearly one-third of UK smartphone owners didn’t download and install a new app for a whole month. This particular arena has been Google’s stronghold as so far the company has been banking on people purchasing apps rather than smartphone manufacturers paying the search engine giant for the use of its Android operating system. Google intended to spread its presence across the devices. In that sense the company has succeeded. More than 85% devices are using Android. If less and less people are purchasing and downloading apps, then this advantage doesn’t translate into good profit.

The article rightly says that more and more elderly people are buying smartphone these days they’re not very inclined to try out new applications. Besides, every new phone comes with its own set of pre-installed applications and most of the time they are more than enough. A typical smartphone already comes installed with all the applications you may ever need.

People who have bought their second, third or even the fourth phone have realized that if you continuously try out new apps your phone begins to get slow and this is a big drawback, just like your typical computer. Many people don’t install new apps fearing that they would either jeopardize the security of their data, or needlessly slow down the phone.

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