Why do people buy Amazon Echo? What all can you do with it?

things you can do with Amazon Echo
things you can do with Amazon Echo

Do you often wonder why people buy things like Amazon Echo and even Google Home? These are virtual assistant or digital assistant devices being sold by Amazon and Google. In fact, Amazon Echo was one of the top-selling devices during the last Christmas, on Amazon.com.

Why do people buy Amazon Echo?

This CNET link lists 50 odd things that you can achieve with your Amazon Echo device. Some of the things that you can do with it are:

  1. Stream music from your Amazon Prime library: Want to listen to your favourite song or a musical piece? Simply tell the voice assistant Alexa which song to play and it will start playing. You don’t need an external player. Of course, you can attach amplifiers to it if you want. Want to listen to your music on Spotify? You can do that but you have to be a Spotify Premium subscriber. In fact, you can stream music from any music service provided you can use it on your mobile phone. You can also – although I’m not sure – use Amazon Echo as your Bluetooth Speaker.
  2. You can listen to radio on your Amazon Echo. Just tell it which channel to play and it will tune it and start playing it.
  3. Amazon Echo can also read your audiobooks from Audible.
  4. In case you want to track time while cooking or exercising, you can also set timers on Amazon Echo.
  5. By installing a “Cooking Skill” you can ask for any recipe that exists in its database. Amazon recently integrated almost 60,000 recipes into Amazon Echo from Allrecipes. Just tell Alexa what you want to cook. You can also tell whether you want a quick recipe or a detailed recipe.
  6. You can place orders. For example, if you want to order a pizza you can do it on Amazon Echo. It has been integrated with the Domino’s service. Goes without saying that you can totally customize your pizza order. Want to mix a perfect cocktail? Just ask Amazon Echo.
  7. Book a cab on Uber. You can also schedule a Lyft ride.
  8. You can use Amazon Echo to control your home appliances provided you can hook them onto it. You can switch on and off your lights. You can tell Amazon Echo to switch on your AC or turn on the washing machine or increase the thermostat. For that you will need to use iDevices gadgets.
  9. Particular home security setups can be synchronized with Amazon Echo so that you can use them with voice commands.
  10. Launch IFTTT recipes from Amazon Echo. You may know that IFTTT is an if-this-then-that service that allows you to create scripts that trigger actions in different devices based on actions and situations in different devices and web services. Visit the IFTTT website to know more about the service.
  11. Ask any question from Alexa (the artificially intelligent voice control system that Amazon Echo uses): if it has the answer, it will give it to you.
  12. You will have to check if your particular phone service works with Amazon Echo, but you can even make phone calls with it. The link above suggests that the smart home phone system Ooma works with Echo.
  13. Inquire about whether.
  14. Make hotel reservations.
  15. Book flight tickets

You can read all the 50+ things you can do with Amazon Echo. As more skills are developed, the scope of things that you can do with Amazon Echo will also expand.

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