Why people aren’t buying as many iPads as they used to

Why people are not buying iPads

Recently I purchased an iPad Air as a birthday gift for my 9-year-old daughter (and she is on cloud nine) and I immediately realized why less people are buying these gadgets and preferring cheaper, mostly Android-based tablets. Whereas the Apple fan boys keep on harping about the quality and the finishing and so on, an average user is more interested in performing day-to-day tasks. Having said that, yes, the iPad does look classy compared to a Samsung device with its plasticky appearance. Even the display is quite good. Why I got disenchanted with my Samsung Galaxy was that gradually every Samsung device begins to get slow, and when I say slow, really slow. After use of six months, launching even the phone application may take 3-4 seconds, and that is a big-time for gadgets and computing devices.

Where Android devices have an edge is the choice of apps that you can download and immediately install, but then this might also be a disadvantage because since the apps are available so easily, you tend to download and install them without thinking whether you actually need them or not. Many times you install apps just to test them out. This is not the case with an Apple iPad where most of the time you have to pay for an app (you don’t need to pay for standard apps like the Facebook app or the Twitter app, and such).

Personally, I would always buy an Android tablet for myself because what sort of keyboard I use is of grave concern. I noticed in my daughter’s iPad that you cannot install a third-party keyboard unless you have rooted the device. I wanted to install the Swiftkey keyboard: although you can download and install the keyword free, you cannot change to it, then what is the use? You are stuck with the keyboard that comes with the iPad and this is a big nag. It’s just that my daughter doesn’t need a swipe keyboard so it doesn’t really matter to her at this moment. For me, it is a bummer.

Definitely iPad is a pioneer and it is a deserving device, but it needs to open up. Protection is good, it keeps the operating system stable and also your device from getting bloated, but there needs to be a workaround for people who know how to install apps and still they don’t want to root their device.

Then of course there is pricing. It DOES matter no matter what Apple fans say. Call the Android users cheap, but at least they can have a device at a lower price and perform almost all the functions that you can perform in an iPad, and even more. Here is a Huffington Post post on why people aren’t buying iPads any more.

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