People are switching from Android phones to iPhones, really?

Really switching from Android to iPhones?

So says this ZDNet article. It claims that around 48.04 million iPhones were sold to people who were switching from Android phones. Then the article goes on explaining the reasons why people are switching to iPhones from their Android phones. This article reads more like an advertisement and less like an analysis. Why would people make a switch to an unreasonably expensive device if they can get cheaper alternative? And the recent Android models have repeatedly proven that cheaper doesn’t always mean inferior – it just means a more efficient way of manufacturing products and the benefits accruing from that efficiency can be passed on to the consumers.

Having used an iPhone as well as an iPad, the writer of TechBakBak would never switch to iOS simply because the environment is very claustrophobic. I’m not talking about an almost never ending choice of free apps that are available with Android phones – even if you go by premium applications (for which you have to pay money) you have a massive choice with Android compared to very scattered choices in iOS. Even the basic, mainstream apps that professionals use on a day-to-day basis sometimes don’t work, or work inefficiently under the iOS environment.

Apple devices are for those people who are not very tech savvy and who mostly use their devices for content consumption that is served on a platter. Yes, the quality is good, definitely better than most of the Android phones but this is changing fast. The recent Mi Pad that I purchased is as good as the iPad my daughter has. Why would I go for a needlessly expensive device just because it is cool to be seen with? Yes, the ZDNet article seems like an advertisement.

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