People are searching for memes more than they search for Jesus


This CNET link says that people are searching for memes more than they search for Jesus, at least this is the latest phenomena. This revelation has been made by Google Trends. I quickly ran both the expressions in Google Trends and actually the word memes crosses Jesus somewhere around in May 2016 and as you can see in the screenshot, the graph for memes is still rising whereas the graph for Jesus seems to be plateauing. Though it’s quite weird why people should be looking for memes because memes in themselves hold no meaning unless someone creates a meme around a theme.


Don’t know what’s a meme?

It’s when people start creating funny images, GIFs, videos and Twitter messages around of funny or major event. Take for example the “Yogendra Yadav sleeping” meme that was hilarious. The original image was of Yogendra Yadav, one of the founders of the infamous Aam Aadmi Party, sleeping on the floor of one of the police stations during the party’s regular protests. In the subsequent meme mashups, people created images of him sleeping everywhere, even on the moon and even atop a rocket being launched.

A meme is a recent Internet-based terminology and this is why, when you see in the above Google Trends graph, you will see that search for memes is almost non-existent (in the US) even till December 2008.

Although it is interesting why someone would search for memes and Jesus and then compare the results on Google Trends. What all people do.

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