Peculiarities of free VPN services


It is hard to believe that there is something of good quality that comes for free. When we are talking about online privacy we believe that this kind of protection is rather costly but it is possible finding free services as well. Today, it is hard to choose reliable provider as the market offers impressive amount of VPN services that offer attractive features and ensure safe and unrestricted web activity. Free vpn canada protection is of huge popularity as well, still, the majority of IT specialist claim that users who preferred free providers are exposing their IP address and putting private data at risk. It is also believed that this type of service cannot provide needed level of security, leaving personal data, financial transactions, messages, shared files exposed to hackers.

Online there are a lot of valuable sources where interested users can get more info regarding choosing suitable VPN provider and accurate description of all offered features. Before making final decision it is desirable reading online reviews as it is a popular source of unbiased information posted by real users. Without any doubts paid services have undeniable advantages – they offer access to blocked websites, no logs policy, impressive speed and amount of servers providing strong connection and unlimited bandwidth. Today, paid services are rather affordable and clients have to pay in average 5$ per month.

Among major flaws of free VPN services, it is worth mentioning that they provide no data encryption that leaves your traffic exposed; such private data as username, passwords, bank details and other sensible and financial information is vulnerable. Also users will be constantly distracted by annoying ads. Mentioned flaws are rather crucial and may affect quality of web browsing.

How VPN provider protects our privacy?

Paid services able providing solid protection against hackers, snoopers, viruses, cyber-bullying and other online threats. Trusted VPN service provides following features:

  • Data encryption creates safer online environment and allows sharing files without any fear of interception;
  • Online anonymity allows users to feel safe while browsing the web;
  • Access to geo-restricted and blocked apps and websites allows access to favourite streaming web content that is often banned at countries with strict online censorship;
  • Impressive amount of servers that are located across the world and ensure fast speed and strong connection;
  • Proficient customer support service available 24/7;
  • Kill switch feature;
  • Chance to change IP address and hide your location;
  • Safe remote access to corporate network allows employees to work from home or to use a mobile to look through business files.

Secure and trusted VPN provider will make sure users’ data is well-protected and no one will have access to personal or corporate. A service like SwitchVPN is perfect for everyone who often uses public Wi-Fi works remotely or travels a lot.

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