Pavement tiles that warn you if you’re using mobile phone

smart tactile paving that alerts you when you are using your mobile phone
smart tactile paving that alerts you when you are using your mobile phone

Accidents have been happening when people use mobile phones while walking on payments. You might be reading and exchanging text messages, checking your WhatsApp messages or posting updates on Facebook and Twitter or simply hunting for Pokémon characters, whatever, there are times when you simply walk through the traffic light. This can cost you your life.

Here is the video of the pavement that warns you of the road ahead.

BURO NORTH — Smart Tactile Paving from Büro North on Vimeo.

Most of the people who are walking with their mobile phones don’t see ahead or above where they can see the traffic signals.

This NextWeb update talks about a “Smart Tactile Paving” concept that warns the walkers when they are about to cross the road. It will be like a street light but on the payment. The alert will be placed at your feet where you can easily detect it. Normally when you are engrossed in your phone your vision is limited but you can see the area around your feet. Instead of looking ahead or looking up or looking in various directions, when using a phone while walking, you are looking down. You will be easily able to detect the “Smart Tactile Paving”. You will be easily able to see them before crossing the road.

The problem of people not paying attention to where they are going while using mobile phones has been aggravated ever since the launch of the Pokemon Go game. People play this game while walking around and sometimes they don’t see anywhere else while walking on the road. With this “Smart Tactile Paving” even when they are deeply engrossed in their phone, they will be able to see the blinking pavement ahead of them and hence pay attention to the road ahead.

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