Your password might be stolen if you use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail

The Indian government can hack into your iPhone

You might like to change your password if you are using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail or any of the well-known email services because according to Reuters a Russian hacker has stolen 272.3 million passwords and selling those passwords on the Internet. So stop whatever you are doing midway and change your password.

These emails and passwords are being moved around in the Russian criminal underworld, according to security experts.

How did it come to be known that millions of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail passwords might have been stolen?

The matter of stolen passwords came to light when a few researchers from Hold Security came across a Russian hacker bragging about his feat in one of the online forums. The hacker is reported to have said that he has access to 1.17 billion records and he was ready to sell them.

Well, it hardly matters whether 1 million passwords were stolen or 1 billion passwords were stolen, just to be on a safer side, change your email password immediately, especially when you use your email ID to monitor important services like bank accounts and credit card transactions.

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