Panicked US citizens after the Trump win crashed the Canadian immigration website


Just after it was declared that Donald Trump will be the next US president, the Canadian immigration website began to crash. It became inaccessible and everybody was wondering why it was happening although, people were aware that jokingly or seriously, many in the US had said that they would move to Canada if Donald Trump became the president. Now since he has really become the POTUS-designate, it could be safely assumed that the Canadian immigration website crashed because it got lots of traffic from the US.

It’s being reported that this was actually the case. The Internet is flooded with “How to move to Canada” articles and blog posts after Donald Trump’s victory. Google Trends data has revealed that searches for “Move to Canada” spiked significantly when it became clear that Donald Trump had won. This is the scale of panic created by the Hillary Clinton supporters or by various paranoid groups.

The Canadian immigration website provides information on how people can apply to get a job in Canada or become the citizen of the country.

During his campaigns Trump had made open threats to people viciously opposing him, including many mainstream journalists and business persons from the tech industry. It was a no-holds-barred spat between Donald Trump and his opponents with Hillary Clinton supporters resorting to unprecedented abusive language and one of the ugliest political rhetoric. The situation had gotten so out of hand that when one of the PayPal founders Peter Thiel declared his support for Donald Trump, people in the tech industry wanted him thrown out of every position he held.

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