The Panasonic robots are working in a hotel in Japan

a Panasonic robot working in a hotel in Japan
a Panasonic robot working in a hotel in Japan

A few days ago you read about  the artificial intelligence replacing humans in an insurance company. Now robots have also started replacing staff in the hotel industry. There is an indoor delivery robot from Panasonic  called HOSPI that will soon start working at the Crown Plaza Ana Narita Hotel in Japan (in fact, by the time of writing this, the robot may have already started working).

It seems the current version of the robot is just going to be an ambulatory information announcement system. It may also carry around water bottles. But it won’t be taking orders or doing other complicated jobs that need to be done inside a hotel. Such robots have already been deployed in the Japanese hospitals.

Right now it looks like a sci-fi movie robot of the 1980s. It has a screen that displays text that is being said. It can navigate around the lobby of a hotel without bumping into things and people. It can make important announcements like when the bus for the airport is leaving.

Here is a small video on the HOSPI robot:

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