Outdated software applications are being used to spread ransomware

The Indian government can hack into your iPhone

According to a recent Cisco study more than 3 million servers all over the world are vulnerable to ransomware attacks because their users are using outdated software applications. As you may remember a major hospital in the US was brought to the brink of being shut down when its entire IT infrastructure was hijacked by ransomware.

The study says that in the US itself more than 2000 computers are ready to be infected, according to this report. Samsam is the ransomware that has been spreading terror among many companies and organisations.

Ransomware is like virus and malware, but a big difference is that it is used for literally kidnapping your computer. Someone takes control of your device and allows access to it only when you pay money, mostly in bitcoins.

Ransomware can be used to infect your computer using a pre-existing software vulnerability. For example, there is a library management software being used across the schools called the Fallett library management software that can be used to slip in ran some code. It is an outdated software. Although according to the reports only 2100 back doors have been implanted, more than 3.2 million computers are at risk.

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