Organize your Uber taxi ride right from your Facebook messenger

Uber cab service integrated with Facebook messenger

Millions of people are using Facebook messenger to organise the next meet up and parties. All sorts of discussions take place, plans are charted out, itineraries are discussed, who is coming, when, where and how, every nitty-gritty is dissected using the Facebook Instant Messenger. But when it comes to actual travel, people have to go their own ways and this is the problem both Uber and Facebook intend to solve by integrating both the apps.

When someone books an Uber cab it is done at an individual level and the message is sent to the person who has booked the cab. For example, if you are organising a lunch with a few friends, you can simply tap on the address and then tap on “Request a ride”. The natively built Uber app comes up within the Facebook Messenger, according to this Business Insider review of the new feature. Even if you don’t have an Uber account you can register right from within the Facebook Messenger app.

As soon as the cab is booked the Uber updates begin to appear within the Facebook Messenger for everyone to see. This way people can actually know whether you are coming to the event or not.

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