Oracle sued for workplace racial discrimination, paying white men more


Liberal press is going to have a field day as the news about Oracle being sued for workplace racial discrimination surfaces, especially when the Oracle CEO Safra Catz has joined Donald Trump’s transition team. Apparently, the company is being sued for paying white men more for doing the same job compared to female, African-American and Asian employees. Obviously the Oracle CEO joining Donald Trump’s transition team and the company being sued for paying white men more will be linked together for future analytical purposes, as you can see in the introduction to the article in this Buzz Feed link. The database company has been sued by the US Labor Department.

Interestingly, not just for paying white men more, Oracle is also being sued for unlawfully favouring Asian applicants in its recruiting and hiring exercises. The complaint has been filed with an administrative judge in Washington. The matter becomes especially grave, according to the complaint, as the company receives hundreds of millions of dollars as a contractor with the federal government. Oracle America has been sued, which is a unit of Oracle Corp.

The US Labor Department has complained that Oracle pays white male employees at its Redwood Shores, California headquarters more than female and non-white employees for the same job titles and for the same responsibilities.

The complaint further says that while hiring, Oracle’s recruitment department gives preference to Asians, specially Indian people, specifically for its product development and technical roles, over black, white and Hispanic jobseekers.

According to the official warning, if Oracle doesn’t change its compensation and hiring policies Labour Department will try to get the company’s Federal government contracts worth millions of dollars cancelled. It will also ensure that the company gets no new contracts from the government.

The Oracle spokesperson Deborah Hellinger has responded by terming the claims “baseless” and “politically motivated” – most probably because the Oracle CEO has joined Donald Trump’s transition team. Notably, the action has been taken by the Obama administration. She has said that the company takes all its hiring and compensation decisions based on experience and merit of individual employees. According to the statement from the company,”Oracle values diversity and inclusion, and is a responsible equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.”

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