Oracle wants $9.3 billion from Google for using Java code in Android

Oracle has filed a lawsuit against Google for using a part of Java in Android
Oracle has filed a lawsuit against Google for using a part of Java in Android

There is copyright lawsuit against Google from Oracle in which Oracle has claimed $9.3 billion in damages from Google for using a part of Java code in the popular mobile operating system Android.

The programming language Java was acquired by Oracle when it bought its creator Sun Microsystems in 2009.

In a lawsuit against Google that Oracle filed around 6 years ago the “owners” of the Java programming language said, “In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java -related intellectual property. This lawsuit seeks appropriate remedies for their infringement.”

Google used a Java-compatible technology called Dalvik in order to develop Android. Dalvik was developed from ground up and is claimed to be a “clean room” version of Java. Oracle says that it used the Sun’s technology or intellectual property but Google says it didn’t.

Both the companies went to trial in 2012 but the jury was split on whether Google’s use of Java was protected by “fair use” – it allows programmers and software companies to use a particular piece of code under limited circumstances. A new jury has been formed.

The new jury trial will decide whether Google had the right under the “fair use” condition to use the Java code free or the company should pay Oracle the damages amounting to either $9.3 billion, or some amount commensurate with the loss faced by Oracle.

Google on its part has been arguing from the beginning that the usage of the Java programming code is covered by the fair use policy which allows limited copying.

Oracle is asking for damages on two accounts: Google is making lots of money from its Android operating system – it is a multi-billion-dollar business for Google (although Google doesn’t report its Android earnings). The second contention is that in the beginning Oracle had its own Java-based mobile operating system and it was routed because of Android.

The sources in Google say that the company is ready to pay around $100 million. Interestingly, Oracle bought Sun Microsystems for $ 7.4 billion.

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