The Online Food Delivery App Teams-up with Uber App

Hand holding mobile with Order food with blur restaurant backgro
Hand holding mobile with Order food with blur restaurant backgro

The Uber technologies have launched another new on demand service called the UberEATS and is the first expansion product of the company. This platform connects the riders and the drivers and it also makes use of an existing platform to deliver the meals on time. This service partners with the restaurants from the city and around the world so that the customers can order their meal using the Uber mobile app. If you own a company that deals with deliveries and a mobile workforce, you may wish to manage your fleet with GSMtasks software.

The food delivery service was launched in August 2014 in Santa Monica under the name UberFRESH. The company combined its existing car hailing service with the on demand service and introduced a curated menu with few items each day. The online food delivery service competes with the other competitors in terms of speed because the service promises delivery time by ten minutes or less than that. The company expanded its service in New York City, Barcelona and Chicago in April 2015 and also renamed the service from UberFRESH to UberEATS. In the second half of 2015, the company further expanded its service in other places like Washington DC, San Francisco, Toronto, Atlanta, Austin and Philadelphia. The new app is curated with new menus and dishes from different restaurants. There is a fair amount of competition in this market, brilliant services similar to delivery food morgantown wv have popped up that are all competing for users!

The on demand food delivery service

UberEATS food delivery service partners with restaurants from local cuisine to international cuisine and offers a wide variety of meal option. The restaurants that are listed in the Uber app have to feature a signature dish and it keeps varying each day. Apart from these restaurants, the app features the restaurants with celebrity chefs who do not have a physical restaurant. One such local celebrity chef is Michael Mina, who has joined the food delivery service to promote their food.

Ordering: The app used to order the online food delivery service is the same as that of the transportation service. It’s a single app offering two services. The customers can check if the food delivery service is applicable in their area, they can see the menu and order their desired meal directly through the app. The service generally offers lunch option, but in some cities, it also offers brunch and dinner options.

Menu: The menu is curated with the different dishes from the partnered restaurants with their signature dishes; it also has dishes made by the local chefs. The app has a rotating menu with different dishes each day and has two to four meal options.

Payment & delivery: The payment process is similar to that of the ridesharing process- cashless process. The customers have to make payment using the card that is registered in their account through the mobile phone.

The meals are delivered within ten minutes to the location specified by the customer by the couriers who may deliver the meals through bikes or cars or even by foot. They carry insulated bags that keep the temperature of the food according to its stable temperature.

The UberEATS app is designed to work for both the Android and Apple mobile users.

UberEATS is teaming up with Uber

A statement was recently released by the Uber representative regarding the new updates saying that the modification is made to save the user’s precious time and offer first hand information that they need.

About one percent of the users around the globe are able to use the new features and the company informed that it will be available for everyone by December. One of the features is that the users can SYNC both the Uber ride and the UberEATS so that the ordered food is delivered at the same time when the customer reaches the location. The new features are said to allow the users to listen to music through the Pandora app, find out the way using the Foursquare and search for delish outlets to grab a bite using the Yelp.

The app will synchronize with the user’s mobile phone so that the online food delivery service will deliver the meals at the same time when the customer reaches home, so they can enjoy their meal without any delay.

Sync your daily routine

The app also sync with the calendar on the user’s phone to keep track of the regular routines and go to the location even without finding the address. The users can manually enter their working and home address. The app learns from the customer’s routines, so the shortcut feature predicts the customers move and saves more time. If the passenger’s destination is a transit hub, the app will analyze the routine and then displays the schedule of the trains from that transit, so the customers can book their ride according to the specific time and escape for the surge pricing.

With the new update, the users need not spend time in typing the address of the destination because the app will sync the customer’s routine and instantly predicts the locations and save more time.

Estimate time and cost

The new feature shows the passengers the estimated cost of the ride and the time to reach the specific destination. The option ‘arrive by’ is available in some of the cities that allow the passengers to compare the arrival time of the UberPool service and the regular UberX service and decide on selecting the service they are need of. The transparency pricing option in the app is used to display the estimate cost and time and helps the passenger to decide whether to book a ride or not.

A passenger was able to test the ‘arrive by’ feature in Los Angeles and was able to find out that the UberPool service would take fifty five minutes to ride from Los Angeles downtown to the West Hollywood.

Find your friend

The passenger can use the other person’s destination and can directly reach to their friend’s location. The passenger can get the location of their friend by simply typing their name in the search tab, since the app is synced with the passenger’s mobile number, so the contact details are synced with the app. The app will send a request to the friend seeking whether it can share the location details with the passenger. And if the other person accepts the request, the app will inform the user about the location so that they can directly reach the exact location without wasting any time.


The ridesharing giant has redesigned their app after 2012, in which the riders can choose between the UberX and UberXL service. But the new feature allows them to choose the ride type from different option, ability to select the designated locations, schedule the rides, and find the estimation of the time and cost of the ride and many other features.

The riders need not stumble with the address, instead they can simply select the name of the person to find their location and the driver will directly drop the passenger at the destined place. Their regular routines also synced with the app so it is easy for the passenger to head to the location without searching for the address. The updated version of the app also includes the estimate time to reach the destination place and the fare charged to reach the area, with this information the rider can decide whether to take the ride or not. They can also compare with the UberPool service to check the waiting time of the service. This de-centralized model has acted as inspiration in other industries too, for example take a look at Volt Technology to see how they have made use of it to improve speed in logistics.

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