OnePlus One might be coming to India soon

OnePlus One mobile phone

Close on the heels of Xiaomi Mi 3 being launched in India (probably with partnership with Flipkar because that’s the only website that seems to be promoting it right now) another very slim and sleek phone called OnePlus One is about to be launched. Here is a video review of the OnePlus One mobile phone:

If you check out their website they have a very interesting way of giving their phones to the customers. They say that in order to purchase a OnePlus One phone you don’t need to visit the shop or a distributor. Either a person who already owns a OnePlus One smartphone can send you an invite or you can get an invite directly from the company. You will need to create an account and once your account is validated, through your OnePlus One page you will get the link from where you can purchase the phone or place an order. You can buy it using PayPal. Well, this is a unique way of selling your phones, but it’s nice to cut the middlemen and the stores in order to save some money and then transfer that benefit to the end-user, although I’m not sure whether they are transferring the benefit to the user or not. It’s a different matter whether the invite system – many believe it’s a bit flawed – will work in India or not where people are not as tech savvy as elsewhere barring the ones who dabble with technology as a career or enthusiasts like me.

With the entry of Xiaomi and OnePlus One phones which are considered to be high-end phones with lower costs the market of such phones is going to be raked up very soon. Many of the phones currently available in the market are insanely high priced, for instance I came across a variety of Samsung Galaxy phone that is costing over Rs. 60,000. Even the iPhone, whenever it is launched (I wonder if it is actually launched or poor Indians desperately buy it from a friend sources) is priced quite high, the last time I checked, one of its phones was costing Rs. 63,000.

Compared to these brats, a phone with QUALCOMM snapdragon 801 quad-core CPU clocking 2.5 GHz and carrying 3 GB of RAM, a 5.5 inch 1080p IPS display, 13 megapixels rear camera and 5 megapixels front facing camera (doesn’t the iPhone have a 5 megapixel rear camera if I’m not mistaken?) it is certainly going to give expensive models a run for their money, especially in a price-conscious market like India.

The upper and lower price ranges for the OnePlus One phone are Rs. 18,300 and Rs. 21,300.

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