The OM audio speaker actually levitates, floats in the air

OM/One levitating speaker
OM/One levitating speaker

OM/One is a spherical, Bluetooth speaker that floats and spins in the air while playing 360° music. The video clip below seem like from a sci-fi movie, but there is no camera trick. The black, mysterious sphere actually levitates and homers over the platform without any cables or any other stuff holding it above the base. It just hangs there.

It’s a 3.6 inch diameter sphere with a single 75 MM speaker. The levitation or the hovering effect is not actually magic, the trick is done by creating a magnetic field that stops the spherical ball from falling down. This spherical speaker can be used without the base also. The base requires an A/C adapter to charge and the battery lasts for 15 hours even if you play it continuously. Since it comes with a microphone, you can also use OM/One as a speakerphone.

Being a Bluetooth speaker the sound is not as high-quality as you experience in convention speakers, but since it floats in the air, the sound is not absorbed by other objects normally attached to the conventional speakers.

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