NSA “cyber weapons” are on sale on the Internet

NSA cyber weapons on sale on the Internet
NSA cyber weapons on sale on the Internet

A group of hackers called Shadow Brokers have stolen malware files from a group associated with the US National Security Agency (NSA) and now it claims that these “cyber weapons” are on sale on the Internet. They are auctioning the code to the highest bidder and they’re using the file sharing site Pastebin for this. The hacking group is using bitcoin currency to sell its cyber weapons on the Internet. Even WikiLeaks seems to have access to the code that can help you hack into the NSA systems as mentioned in the tweet below:

The hacking group claims that after earning the bitcoins equivalent of $576 million, it may release the code for free. Interestingly, as taunted by this Wired report, so far the group has been able to attract only $937.15. The Wired link also says that nobody actually wants to buy the stolen NSA cyber weapons.

Shadow Brokers have allegedly stolen from the encrypted information from another hacking organisation called Equation Group who are known to work with the NSA. Shadow Brokers claims that the court files include “full state-sponsored toolset” of “cyber weapons” that can help the owner of the code to hack into the NSA servers.

The NSA cyber weapons are on sale on the Internet but why there are still so few bidders? The security experts claim that the terms and conditions of the hacking group are quite “shady”. First, the bids will have to be paid in advance, second, the decryption key will be handed over to the highest bidder, and the most disturbing part is, the remaining bidders will forfeit the amounts they have submitted. This also shows that they are not actually serious about selling the so-called NSA cyber weapons on the Internet despite these files being on sale on the Internet.

The only concern, and the bigger concern, is that an elite NSA hacking team has been hacked and its code is on sale on the Internet. A sample piece of code released by Shadow Brokers can actually be used to hack network appliances sold by Cisco, Juniper, Fortigate and TopSec. A part of the data also tallies with the data revealed by Edward Snowden and in fact, Snowden tweeted about the authenticity of the hack.

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