Now you can tweet more than 140 characters on Twitter

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You can type more than 140 characters on Twitter now

With the latest changes now you can post more than 140 characters on Twitter when you are writing your tweets. For a very long time Twitter has been contemplating lifting the 140-character limit but there was a strong disagreement regarding this among traditional Twitter users. So this change is being introduced gradually, with subtle changes so that suddenly the older, traditional Twitter users are not caught off guard.

It’s not that the 140-character limit has been done with all together; it’s just that, with certain kinds of tweets the limit has been increased or rather, the extra information that creeps into your tweets while creating certain tweets, won’t be counted as character count.

Here is how you can tweak more than 140 characters on Twitter now

  • Attachment links won’t be counted: When you’re attaching photos, GIFs, videos, polls or quotes from other tweets, the links or characters generated as a consequence won’t be added to the overall 140-character limit. Keep in mind that only one attachment is not counted and if you make more attachments they will be counted.
  • Usernames when replying won’t be counted: Usually, when you’re replying to tweets you need to tag people or at least you need to include the @username of the person you are replying to. Some people have a longer username and some have shorter, but previously, it ended up being added to your overall 140-character-count and would limit the number of characters you could use while formulating your reply. From these new changes, the @username(s) that is used while replying won’t be added to the 140-character limit.

What is the purpose of these new changes that allow you to use more than 140 characters in your tweets if nothing much has changed?

When millions of people have gotten used to using a platform and they have gotten quite comfortable with the way it works, introducing changes is often difficult. When cars were invented, they were often termed as “Devil’s carriage” because people didn’t want them on roads because they thought that horse-driven carriages were more efficient and reliable. The same goes with every technology and tradition.

With the new changes, people, especially businesses, will be able to include images and videos despite having used up their 140 characters while creating responses. For example, if you are providing assistance to one of your customers through Twitter, along with creating a detailed response, you can also attach a screenshot or a screencast without worrying about running out of Twitter’s 140-character limit.

Similarly, while replying to a particular person, you don’t have to limit your characters if the length of a particular username is very long, because from now onwards, it won’t be added to your 140-character limit.


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