Now you can give compliments to good Uber drivers


Would you like to give compliments to a good Uber driver after the ride? Normally when we have something to complain about we go to extra miles to let it be known to the service providers or the person in front of us (naturally). But when we experience something good, we normally don’t care to give a nice compliment. Uber has added a new feature to its app that allows you to give compliments to your Uber drivers. This new feature is aptly called “Compliments”. Although the star rating system is already there in the Uber app, this is something new that allows you to really express exactly in what field you would like to give the compliment to the Uber cab driver.

In order to give a compliment to your Uber driver you don’t need to write a detailed note. There are nine pre-defined, canned compliments you can use on the basis of navigation, music choice, conversation, car quality, cleanliness, amenities or extras and services beyond standard expectations. Once you have given a compliment to an Uber cab driver, he or she will be able to view the notification and also, exactly why you are giving the complement.


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