Now you can buy your iPhone and iPad in the UAE

Apple stores in UAE

Apple has opened its first store in the Arab world in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) on Thursday in the luxury malls. iPhones, iPads and high-end smartwatches being expensive devices, the company hopes to do brisk business with wealthy consumers. So far the new Apple stores have been opened at Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates and Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall. Previously people who wanted Apple products like the iPhones, the iPads and the Apple watches needed to get them from abroad by visiting personally or asking their friends and relatives to get them the goods.

The stores have been strategically placed near the global luxury brands like Emporio Armani, Fendi and Burberry. The company would especially like to target its high-tech timepieces costing as much as $17,000 to the wealthy consumers who visit these luxury brands outlets.

Just like its other 464 retail shops around the world, the Apple stores in the UAE have the same sleek, modern look. At the Mall of the Emirates the showroom has 18-metre glass panels that open into the showroom showcasing the ficus tree and a skylight. The Apple watch is displayed where everyone can see it.

To cater to the cultural and religious sensibility of the Arab people, the Apple staff will hold women-only workshops to make the customers feel comfortable.

Apple has had no problem selling its expensive products in the UAE because most of the people can afford these products and they have been doing brisk business since 2001. The Apple product line has been available through resellers and grey market stores. Local malls and kiosks have been selling iPhones and iPads since the early days.

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