Now you can add drawings and sketches to your Google Keep notes

Add drawings and sketches to Google keep notes

Have you been using Google Keep notes to take, as the name suggests, notes? Up till now you could add text, images and photos and lists to your Google Keep notes and many people have found the app a lighter alternative to Evernote. Now you can also add drawings and sketches to your Google Keep notes. This feature is available in the latest version so you may have to update your current installation of the Notes app from Google Play Store. The latest version isn’t yet available on the play store but right now you can download it from the APK Mirror.

How do you add drawings and sketches to your Google Keep notes?

It’s very easy. Assuming you have access to the latest Google Keep version, once you open a new note or an existing note, you will need to tap on the drawing icon – it is a pen that appears at the bottom right of your main screen (before that, you will need to tap on the overflow menu – the three dots at the top right corner and then tap Add drawing). As it happens with every mobile device these days, you can use either your finger or stylus to draw inside your Google Keep notes. The drawing tools available to you are

  • Selection tool: This allows you to position or drag your drawing on the photo or on the canvas of the note
  • Pen selection: The choice includes a pen, a marker and a highlighter
  • The colour palette: Right now you can choose 28 colours and eight pen sizes. In order to access the colour and pen sizes section you either tap the brush or drag the bottom toolbar up. Want to access a larger selection of colours? You can further drag the bottom toolbar up or tap the Expand icon.
  • Eraser tool: This allows you to erase drawings, text highlights and sketches that you may have created. You can also clear the entire canvas by tapping the Clear Canvas button.

What’s the benefit of adding drawings and sketches to your Google Keep notes?

Although simply creating notes is quite convenient and advantageous sometimes you want to add some jazz to the information you have stored. For example, you have captured a drawing and you would like to explain its various aspects with a mix of arrows and text. Also, you may like to add captions to the photographs you have taken and stored in Google Keep notes.

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