Now India bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from boarding flights


Ever since Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones started exploding while being charged and an official warning was issued (including a global recall of the device) by Samsung Electronics, various government authorities all over the world are taking measures to keep their citizens safe. Airlines in Australia and elsewhere have already banned people from taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones while on board. Even if they are allowed to take the smartphones, the smartphones are not to be charged or even switched on.

India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from checked luggage. Passengers can carry Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones only in their check-in bags and the smartphones are to be switched off during the entire period of the flight. All the airlines in the country are being informed of the ban.

Although it is a bit difficult how they are going to enforce the ban because most of the airport officials will have no idea how to identify Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

As you have already read on this blog, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries have been exploding while being charged. In the US the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone even said a jeep on fire.

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