Now you can livestream video on Facebook right from your computer


Livestreaming is mostly associated with video sharing apps on mobile phones but there are many people who still prefer to use their computers and laptops. Perhaps keeping that in mind, Facebook has now started letting you livestream video right from your computer or laptop. Of course, you will need a web cam in order to do that.

Why livestreaming video is a mobile-first technology is perhaps because most of the mobile phones these days come with a facing camera which may not be there on majority of computers. But these days, almost all the laptops and PC monitors come with a camera so it is high time that video livestreaming services also started supporting PCs and laptops.

As mentioned in this Facebook blog post, Facebook might also be trying to target gamers who are a hit on YouTube. These gamers do live recordings of their gaming sessions and then upload them on YouTube. With this new livestreaming video feature they will be able to broadcast their gaming sessions through Facebook in real time.

Anyway, the camera attached to a laptop or a PC monitor is much more stable compared to the one attached to a mobile phone. While broadcasting a tutorial or a Q&A session it is much more convenient to sit in front of the monitor with both your hands free rather than fiddling with a mobile phone camera.

As mentioned in the above post, you can use any standard streaming software to livestream video on Facebook. Here is a step-by-step guide from Facebook on how to livestream video on Facebook using streaming software.

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