Which notetaking app is better, Evernote or Google Keep

Which is the better notetaking app, Evernote or Google Keep
Which is the better notetaking app, Evernote or Google Keep

While talking about which notetaking app is better we must keep in mind that Evernote is the original notetaking app and whatever follows after it, whether it is Google Keep or any other notetaking app, already has a benchmark to aspire to.

Which notetaking app is better depends on your need. At a fundamental level, these two have worked quite well. Still, you have to make a choice and you need to make a choice according to your requirements.

I have been using Evernote and Google Keep for many years now but many years before Google Keep, I was using Evernote. As a dedicated notetaking app, Evernote has been around for almost a decade.

Right now I’m using both of them. I use Evernote for long-term notetaking and Google Keep for short-term notetaking. Although on mobile phone Google Keep has a standalone app just like Evernote, when working on a PC, you need to use a browser to access your Google Keep notes.

Evernote on the other hand is a complete application. There is an app on the mobile phone, but if you want to use it on your PC, you can install an application that helps you manage your existing notes and create new notes. Let’s throw some light on Evernote and Google Keep separately.

Evernote is a full-fledged notetaking software application as well as mobile app

Why I use Evernote

I recommend Evernote to anybody who needs to take notes seriously. You can create notes manually and you can also have a browser extension that allows you to save webpages, clips, URLs and images directly into Evernote. You can save webpages as simple webpages (without the sidebar, without the header and without the advertisements) or complete webpages. You can also clip particular portions of a web page. You can also save the URLs. Just click the elephant icon in your browser to do whatever you want to do with the current webpage.

There is a complete ecosystem of apps and add-ons that you can use with Evernote. For example, there is another extension that you can install within your browser that enables you to annotate your notes, highlight them with a pen and even draw various figures. This feature is called Skitch. Although, the last time I used, I wasn’t very happy with the quality of the drawings.

Evernote being a complete notetaking app, you can also create notebooks and within those notebooks you can create your notes. This is a very useful feature especially for students and people who are doing some sort of research. For example, if you are a student, you can create Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography and English notebooks and whenever you need to save something pertaining to these subjects (for that matter, any subject), you can create notes within these notebooks.

Personally, the best part is tagging. Once you have created 1000 odd notes, it’s difficult to reach a particular note simply by scrolling down to a particular notebook and then scrolling down to a particular note. But if you have assigned a tag to a note, you can immediately search for the tag and within a microsecond, no matter how many notes you have saved, the notes you’re looking for are in front of you.

It is totally up to you what sort of notes you want to create in Evernote. Whatever information you need to save, you can save in Evernote.

It also has OCR functionality that allows you to search text within images and screenshots. For writing and editing, you have a rich formatting editor.

Evernote can be used both as a dedicated software application on your PC or laptop, as a web application within your browser and of course as a mobile app. Once your notes have been synchronized, you can access all your notes even when there is no Internet connection.

Why I use Evernote?

  1. Highly reliable in terms of a dedicated software application
  2. Available on almost every platform I use
  3. Notes are easily searchable and taggable
  4. Very simple interface
  5. Real-time synchronization
  6. You can email notes and save them into Evernote if you have a premium account, which isn’t very expensive

Why sometimes I don’t use Evernote?

  1. It’s a big, dedicated software application so it isn’t suitable for very short notetaking needs
  2. It requires lots of space because it can save notes in any format

Google Keep is a minimalistic notetaking app

Why I use Google Keep

As is the characteristic of most of the Google apps, Google Keep has a minimalistic interface. You can only save text and images. When you’re using your PC, Google Keep can only be used through a browser but this isn’t a bother because anyway most of the time we are using one or another browser these days.

Google Keep is associated with your Gmail account so wherever you are logged into your Gmail account whether it is your mobile phone, PC or laptop or tablet, the moment you install Google Keep, all your notes are available to you.

The interface is pretty much straightforward. The moment you go to Google Keep, your notes are in front of you in the form of various rectangular shapes. You can also assign colours to your notes so that particular notes stand out. You can create reminders within your notes. Notes can be created in the form of simple text entries, images as well as bulleted lists if you want to create a list of tasks.

You can tag your notes so that you can easily find them but searching your notes with the help of tags in Google Keep isn’t as smooth as you have in Evernote.

Why I use Google Keep

  1. Very light weight
  2. Easily available everywhere and synchronization happens in real time
  3. There is no fuss involved if you quickly want to jot down something
  4. You don’t need to create titles for your notes – just take notes and they are saved like you would take notes in a paper notebook

Why sometimes I don’t use Google Keep

  1. I don’t use it for saving long-term notes
  2. As of now there is no browser extension that directly saves information in Google Keep
  3. Google Keep is just one of the apps of a bigger company whereas Evernote is a dedicated note taking app hence, instills more confidence
  4. Isn’t good for storing very large notes like webpages and articles

So this is a brief comparison of Google Keep and Evernote. For taking notes I would recommend both these applications because in themselves, they are not inferior or superior to each other. These are different notetaking applications for people with different needs and both are good in their own ways.

But for the sake of the title of the blog post, which is a better notetaking app, Evernote or Google Keep? If I have to choose one, I will definitely choose Evernote.

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