Nonprofit organizations can now take donations with Apple Pay


The Internet has enabled nonprofit organizations to reach out to a wider audience but it is still very difficult for them to take donations. They either have to use the age-old ways of taking donations like bank drafts, cheques or online transfer or they have to use third-party services to accept payments via credit cards. PayPal allows people and non-profit organizations to take donations but it is replete with many problems, especially when taking donations these days should be as easy as making a purchase – with just a single click or a scan of a barcode.

Apple, according to this TechCrunch link, has started allowing its payment service Apple Pay to give and take donations. Right now, the service seems to be available just in the US but gradually it will be rolled out to other countries too. Nonprofit organizations will be able to take donations using both the web interface as well as within mobile applications.

Up till now, Apple wouldn’t allow nonprofit organizations and charities to accept donations or carry out fundraising events using Apple Pay. So, whenever people needed to make donations they needed to leave the app of the organization and head to third-party payment gateway or facility.

Apple Pay allows people to make payments within the app they are using. The ability to make donations using Apple Pay means people can simply use their Touch ID to make donations. It also now allows nonprofit organizations to incorporate an interface to take donations within their mobile apps.

It’s very easy to make payments using Apple Pay and the data from Shopify has revealed that the checkout conversion rate on mobile phones is two times more than the conversion rate on the web. It is faster to make payment using Apple Pay because all the needed information is already there on the mobile phone. All one has to do is use the Touch ID to authenticate the payment. The payment process is 60% faster with Apple Pay. Apple Pay is adding 1 million new users every week.

Allowing people to make donations using Apple Pay makes lots of sense because most of the websites these days are accessed on mobile phones and tablets. With millions of people using payment interfaces like Apple Pay and Google Wallet there is already a ready target audience for nonprofit organizations.

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