Why you no longer need antivirus software

you no longer need antivirus software
you no longer need antivirus software

These days most of the operating systems and browsers come with inbuilt security features that can protect you from virus and malware attacks. Virus and malware attacks normally happen when we visit unsafe websites or when we download software and mobile applications from non-verified sources.

As explained in this Gizmodo link, if you make proper settings in your operating system – Windows 10 or any other – you don’t really need an antivirus app or software application. Even with minimum security settings, you can keep yourself safe.

This is actually true. Installing an antivirus software or  malware software makes sense if you have a publicly accessible PC or laptop and you cannot depend on people to be careful. Then, of course, it is necessary that you install some sort of protection on your PC. Otherwise, just make sure you don’t visit unsafe websites and you don’t download software and files suspected of carrying malicious code.

The first thing that you can do is, keep your browser and your operating system, up-to-date. Security patches are constantly being rolled out to make sure security holes are not exploited by hackers and the developers of malware.

Most of the necessary software on your PC or mobile phones is automatically updated to its latest version but if you need to do manually, include this in your schedule. For example, every second day check if your operating system or your browser needs to be updated. Don’t ignore the email notifications from these companies.

Windows 10 and Windows versions even prior to that, come with firewall settings. The Windows Defender feature in Windows 10 can keep pretty much every antivirus and malware away as long as you are careful while downloading files and visiting suspicious websites.

Most of the malware that creeps into your mobile phone comes from apps that you download from unofficial channels. If you download your apps only from official channels and app stores there is no reason that your mobile phone may catch some sort of virus.

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