Nintendo has launched its first mobile app which is a social game

Nintendo launches its first mobile game app
Nintendo launches its first mobile game app

Nintendo has launched its first mobile app; it is a social game that you can play with your friends. The makers of the famous Mario game haven’t launched a conventional game, but a social mobile app, considering social apps are in great demand these days. The name of the first mobile app from Nintendo is Miitomo – it lets users create cartoon-like avatars for themselves.

Using your front facing camera you can take a selfie and feed it into the interface of the game. According to your facial characteristics it creates your Mii avatar.

Then just like one of those Kardashian games, you can change your avatar’s hairstyles, facial features, accessories, clothes and all sorts of other attributes. You can also give your Mii a nickname. You can decide how he or she speaks and what sort of personality traits he or she shows. Then?

Well, since the first mobile game from Nintendo is basically a social app that has drawn lots of influence from another instant messaging app called Line. Just like in Line you can make lots of in-app purchases, the same you can do with Miitomo.

Once you have created your basic Mii avatar you need to provide extra information that will then be shared with your other friends within the Nintendo game. For example, the game will ask you questions like what is your favourite TV program, what you like to eat, or what you have recently purchased, and so on. Once you have created your profile, you start interacting with other Miitomo users.

Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America says, “Miitomo is app-ropriate as Nintendo’s first foray into mobile gaming because it’s a socially focused experience. It’s also less challenging than bringing ‘Super Mario Bros’ or ‘The Legend of Zelda’ to touchscreen-only devices – not that Nintendo has ruled that out.” She further says, “You have your smartphone with you and you are engaging with social media on it all the time, so it made sense for us to go down this path with Mii.”

But why hasn’t Nintendo launched its traditional games on mobile phones rather than going social? Reggie says, “Creating more traditional gameplay experiences with our intellectual property on these devices is going to take time.”

Well, they create their first Nintendo mobile game almost a decade late and they say that converting their intellectual property into the mobile platform is going to take some time. Where have they been living till now?

The first Nintendo mobile game is actually not a game but the social networking experience with lots of in-app purchasing opportunities for the company. If I’m not wrong, such social networking apps do quite well in Japan and countries around this region. People create digital profiles and then interact through those profiles. They can also get digital girlfriends.

Atari and Nintendo were the games we used to play even when we had never heard of PCs, laptops or smartphones. Although these companies are still making video games, there are many more major players like Sony and Microsoft that have left these companies behind. I had many Nintendo games with me like a small calculator. My first Nintendo game was called Mickey Mouse. In the game, the Mickey Mouse would stand at the center of the gaming dashboard and hens from all the 4 corners of the screen would drop eggs and Mickey Mouse would have to catch the eggs before the fall and break. Here’s the screenshot of the game:

Old Nintendo Mickey Mouse came

The first Nintendo game for mobile is available both on Android and iOS.

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