Ninja Sphere is a smart home hub that automatically controls your interiors

Ninja Sphere smart hub
Ninja Sphere smart hub

Wouldn’t it be great if the interiors of your house are controlled automatically in the background while you move around or even when you’re not around? This is what Ninja Sphere does for you. It is a smart hub that can detect motion, temperature and humidity. What’s the big deal in that? First watch this video:

As you can see the lamps are automatically switched on and switched off as this person moves from one corner of the house to the other. This is just one application of such a smart hub. It can also control temperature for you, music, water temperature for your bath, the thermostat inside your house, answer your phone calls for you depending on whether you are sleeping or awake, monitor your calorie level, can detect whether you have eaten food or not and even if you are running out of milk. Who knows, one day it will also be able to tell you your sugar level, your blood pressure level or whether you’re going to have a stroke?

You can also remotely control your home environment when you are away. For instance, you forgot to switch off your bedrooms lights, using the smart hub you can switch off the light. It can be used alongside your air conditioning as well, although you might need the help of ac experts to ensure that the hub is compatible with your unit. You can also know in which corner of the house your pet is or if some intruder is breaking into your house. You get all this information on your smartphone. There is an application that you can use to control the hub remotely. You can also train it to recognise your certain gestures to perform certain activities.

Just imagine how much electricity you can save if your electric appliances start and stop according to your presence and body temperature. Your air conditioning can automatically adjust. If you have this installed but the automatic adjustment is off, you may need to call in ac repair in jacksonville fl, or wherever you are based, to see what can be done to rectify this and get your system working again. So many times you enter a room and forget to switch off the lights. This automatically happens in the background suited don’t even have to bother. Only those lights are turned on that are needed by you. Similarly, your air conditioning can be turned on according to your distance from your house so that by the time you reach home you already have a comfortable temperature. Don’t forget though, the one thing this cannot do is fix your air conditioning! So remember to get it checked over by professionals such as T.E. SPALL & SON. You don’t want it breaking on you on a hot day! Moving on from this though, your food can be preheated or it can even be cooked. The utilities can be unlimited. Such a device can work wonders for the concept of independent living for persons with disabilities.

You can connect various devices to Ninja Sphere using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and all the technologies out there that are used to connect things with each other. It uses open source drivers to enable practically every device to connect with the hub.

This project has been funded through Kick Starter.

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