Night mode is coming to the Twitter app


Twitter doesn’t want you to spoil your sleep cycle while you check updates before going to bed or before falling asleep (usually there is so much anger on Twitter that even if you have the night mode on, you may end up disturbing your sleep!).

According to this update, the Alpha version of the recent Twitter app for Android supports night mode.

Night mode in many phones these days filters out the blue light that can disturb your circadian cycle and lead your body into believing that it’s daytime and not night time. The problem is, during the day, if this blue light is missing, you won’t be able to see your mobile phone.

As described in this blog post that explains the latest features in Android N, it’s only now that popular mobile operating systems like Android and iOS have started incorporating night mode into their display. Fortunately, in Android, even if you cannot use the night mode at system level, there are many third party apps that allow you to filter out the blue light, often automatically, during evening and until morning.

Although in the later versions of Android N the ability to use night mode has been disabled for the time being, app developers can use the functionality to implement night mode into their apps. Perhaps this is why, the Twitter app is going to have the night mode facility very soon.

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