The next iPhone 6 might be 5.5 inch

iPhone 6 concept design

So the smart phone market is eventually catching up with the big screen phones, especially those who used to sneer at big-screen phones from Samsung. 7-inch tablets with Sim cards aren’t very convenient to use but a phone with a bigger screen, around 5.5-6-inch is always quite a good option. When I saw the big phones from Samsung in the initial years, I immediately liked them, though, I couldn’t afford one of them. It’s another matter as soon as I was able to save enough money to purchase a new 5.5 inch phone I opted for an HTC Desire 816 instead of a Samsung Galaxy but that might simply be because I’m bored of Samsung products seen all around me.

The grapevine has it that the next iPhone 6 is going to be thinner as well as broader. Thinner phones are lighter and therefore they don’t break easily when they fall and hit the ground. This is a big problem with current iPhones. Another problem is the size. The phone is so small that I never even fantasized about using it, let alone wanting to purchase it. I never even liked it as a fad value. Apple is so confident about selling these bigger phones that it is rumored to have ordered around 80 million pieces from its Chinese company.

This video shows eventually how iPhone 6 might look:

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