The next episode now automatically plays on Netflix Apple TV

Netflix Screen

Isn’t it nagging when in order to play the next episode of your favorite program you need to first come back to the main series menus and from there play the next video in the series on your Netflix for Apple TV? The Netflix interface for Apple TV has been updated that immediately plays the next episode as soon as you are done watching the current episode. Even if you fast forward the current episode, the next episode comes up. The “Post-Play” feature automatically plays the next episode offered TV series after a short delay.

The feature was being sorely missed on the apples set-top streamer as it was already available on the company’s web client as well as the iPad app. The next episode starts with a gap of normally 10 seconds and while the new episode is coming up, the current episode is shrunk and moved to the side. You have the option of waiting for those 10 seconds to lapse by you can immediately proceed to the next episode.

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