The new iPhone 6 may include a “one-handed mode”

Ability to use iPhone 6 with one hand
Ability to use iPhone 6 with one hand

“One-handed mode” will enable you to manage your new iPhone 6 with just a single hand, according to this report that has appeared in New York Times. What’s this?

It’s for the first-time that Apple is coming out with a large-screen handset akin to models from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc. Many people don’t buy an iPhone because of its tiny size. It looks all cramped compared to large-screen cool-looking smartphones available from other vendors. In fact once a friend commented that an iPhone is for the ladies!

You may call them phablets and such but these large phones are really useful for not just calling but also managing information on a handheld device. Even as simple a task as typing becomes a problem on the current size of an iPhone. The 5.5-inch display is understandably quite large, especially when people have gotten used to the tiny iPhone screens. So naturally people are worried how they’re going to get used to the larger screen. “One-handed mode” will be they answer.

It is difficult to slide your thumb over a large piece of gadget. A bigger screen is good for scrolling up and down social networking updates, watching videos and visiting webpages, but when you need to achieve simpler tasks like checking your text messages and making and receiving phone calls, you need something that can be achieved with just your thumb. “One-handed mode” will allow you to do that. The ability to use the phone with one hand is given so much importance that they actually created an advertisement flaunting their phone’s ability to enable people to access all the icons with the thumb of a single hand.

Understandably people at Apple must be worried that their old customers will be upset over the larger screen size that will force them to use two hands and if there are many users who stick to the iPhone simply for that reason, there is no sense losing this chunk of the customer base.

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