New Instagram features: image stickers and “hands-free” video


Instagram has been regularly adding new features to compete with Snapchat and in fact, many of its features have been “inspired” by Snapchat. Now Instagram has also introduced image stickers. You can embellish your images by using inbuilt stickers from Instagram.

Since holiday season is just around the corner, most of the new stickers revolve around this theme. So you will be able to add lots of snowy stickers, Christmas-type stickers, location-based stickers and even customizable stickers. Yes, the usual smilies are there. You can also add stickers for the current weather you have or even the current time that you would like to embed on your image to make it more engaging.

Instagram has also added some new drawing tools that allow you to draw patterns like a candy cane or a snowman or a Christmas tree or the gingerbread man.

Instagram has also introduced “hands-free” video: previously if you wanted to record videos for Instagram you would have to keep the video button pressed with your thumb or one of your fingers. Now you can just tap on the button and it keeps recording while you go on doing the stuff that you want recorded and posted on Instagram.

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