New fitness app for persons with disabilities wanting to do workouts


Most of the fitness apps cater to people who are physically able in the conventional sense. A video-based app called CPF Challenge allows people with different motor abilities and disabilities do workouts according to their individual needs.

The fitness app is a part of  dedicated fundraiser challenge created by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, a nonprofit organization working in the field of encouraging research and innovation for cerebral palsy.

The cause and health have been combined together to give a sense of purpose to people using the fitness app. When you sign up, you will be given a 21-day challenge. You will have to do a seven-minute workout every day for 21 days. Once a 21-day challenge is over the app will be unlocked for the  participants to revisit.

In an interview given to The Mighty, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation CEO Richard Ellenson said, “We designed the CP Challenge for people with a range of varying abilities. People are living healthier lives, and that’s true for all people – whether or not they have disabilities. We also wanted something that would not only raise your heart rate but also awareness of CP – and dollars! We are excited to pave the way for increased inclusion for those with different ability levels, and we’re excited about how this app will challenge the way people think about disabilities – which is, in fact what our Foundation works at on a daily basis.”

The app can be installed both on Apple and Android devices and there is a one-time $25 participation fee.

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