Netgear is offering additional routers as Wi-Fi boosters

Orbit Wi-Fi booster from Netgear
Orbit Wi-Fi booster from Netgear

Wi-Fi no longer remains a fad and it also no longer remains an Internet connection mostly used by a laptop or tablet, or a smartphone. These days multiple devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi including printers, personal digital assistants, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions and music systems. If you are streaming audio and video using Chromecast you are already using multiple devices with the help of your Wi-Fi router. You are not just streaming audio video from the Internet, you are also streaming it to your television from your smartphone or tablet or laptop. For these things to work properly and seamlessly, you need to get a good Wi-Fi connection.

A Wi-Fi router is normally placed at a certain place at home or in the office. As you get away from your Wi-Fi router the signals began to weaken. As more and more devices begin to get connected to the same Wi-Fi router the signals again begin to get weaker. Then, there might be walls and other furniture items blocking signals and giving you a lesser experience than you would normally get. It is often advised that you place your Wi-Fi router at a place from where it is easier to beam Wi-Fi signals but there is a limit to it. Sometimes, there is only one place where you can place your Wi-Fi router.

To solve this problem and to enable more and more devices to get connected to your Wi-Fi router, and not just get connected, but provide you optimal experience, Netgear has introduced a multi-unit router called Orbi. This multi-unit Wi-Fi routers system is a combination of a Wi-Fi router, a range extender or a booster, and software. If you want to learn how to login to your Netgear router, take a look at the information presented over at

An Orbi-type Wi-Fi router can be a big advantage especially if you live in a big, multi-storied house and you need to access Internet everywhere. A brief review of the Orbi Wi-Fi-boosting system from Netgear can be read on this Verge link.

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