Netflix wants to produce 50% of its content on its own in near future

Netflix aims to produce 50% of its content original
Netflix aims to produce 50% of its content original

Netflix wants to go beyond a video streaming website. It wants to turn into a full-blown production house with its own original content. It already has many TV series running that have been created for Netflix, but a major portion of its content comes from other production companies. CFO David Wells of Netflix says that over the next few years, Netflix may have 50% of its content representing licensed TV shows and movies, according to this Variety link.

In 2015 Netflix produced 450 hours of original programming. In 2016 it expects to have 600 hours of original programming. In 2017, the company is projected to spend almost $6 billion in original content production. The original Netflix content will include content owned and produced by Netflix as well as coproductions and acquisitions.

Although in the US Netflix is already running many own-produced series like House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey, even in India Netflix has announced a new original series based on the best selling novel Sacred Games by author Vikram Chandra.

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