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Netflix is planning to make some changes in the way you give ratings to the programs you watch on the on-demand video streaming website. Right now, its 5-star rating system lets you rate the movie after you have watched it. This 5-star rating system is used by practically every service – you use something, and then you rate it, and then according to the collective rating of all the people who have used the service and then rated it accordingly, the others use the service.

But for Netflix this sort of way of rating movies and TV programs poses a problem because there is a difference between the quality of a program and how much you enjoy it.

According to this Business Insider report, Netflix would like you to rate the movie according to how much you enjoy it, rather than how the movie has been made. Company’s CEO Neil Hunt gives the example of the latest Adam Sandler movie “The Ridiculous Six”. The Netflix stats say that the movie has had the fastest start in terms of viewing hours compared to any other movie on the platform. But it’s 5-star rating has been lousy as would generally be the case with any Adam Sandler movie.

The problem is when people actually start rating something, they get extra critical. They begin to rate according to the quality rather than how much they enjoyed it. People might be enjoying the new Adam Sandler flick but they are not rating it well due to the production quality, unintentionally telling the others they are not going to enjoy the movie.

Instead of using the age-old 5-star rating system, they may tinker with the idea of using a “like/dislike” signal, or maybe some sort of indicator of how many people actually have watched the movie in a short span of time.

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