Netflix knows a lot about your love life by the way you use the service

Impact of Netflix on your love life
Impact of Netflix on your love life

Netflix is one of the most popular tv streaming services in the world. Millions of people flock to the site to watch their favorite tv shows and films every day. Some even learn how to get American Netflix in Australia so that they can discover different shows and films that appear in different countries. With thousands of films and shows to watch, it’s no surprise it’s such a popular platform. Analytics data gathered by websites like Netflix can tell a lot about people and in this particular case, the type of lover, or the sort of love relationship you have or might have while using Netflix.

According to this Fortune link, Netflix has released some data that tells what sort of romantic relationship you are going through and how the Netflix usage pattern is going to impact your love life. Responses from 1008 Americans between 18-39 years were collected. Nearly 27% said that show compatibility was important for a healthy love relationship. 34% men were more likely to be smitten by the opposite sex (or the same sex) based on the taste of the show being watched on Netflix. 13% would have no problem asking someone out merely because the person likes the same shows on Netflix.

The study further reveals that 25% people will find a person more attractive based on the Netflix shows he or she watches. Do people watch certain Netflix shows because they actually want to watch them or do they watch them to attract someone or impress someone? 58% revealed that they would watch a show in an attempt to attract a potential suitor.

Infographic - statistics on the impact Netflix has on your love life

What happens when you are seriously into a relationship? You start sharing intimate things. Is your Netflix password something intimate? It depends on how emotionally you are attached to your Netflix account. I have seen people sharing their email IDs when they are in love; I don’t think a Netflix account is as intimate as an email ID unless you’re watching something really intimate on your own. But anyway, 51% people said that if they are sharing their Netflix password, they are in a serious relationship.

72% enjoy watching Netflix shows with their loved ones and even with their spouses.

One of the Netflix sports persons says that these results are accurate to an interval of plus/minus 3.5 percentage points.

So if you are going through a rough patch in your romantic relationship, maybe you need to watch your Netflix watching carefully and try to guess through what sort of phase you’re going. If you are no longer enjoying your favourite Netflix shows with your loved one, maybe the spark is fading?

Infographic courtesy Netflix

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