Neither Disney nor Google wants to buy Twitter


Twitter is looking for buyers but according to reports appearing on the Internet neither Disney nor Google wants to buy Twitter. This is sort of a predicament because Twitter intends to conclude the sale negotiations by the end of this month, as reported in this Guardian article. There was some good hope of Google buying Twitter, but ever since it has come to light that Google wouldn’t be making a bid, Twitter stock has plunged 10%. Apple was also being considered as one of the contenders but the chances of Apple acquiring Twitter are also meagre.

So for the time being, Salesforce remains the only company that is most likely to buy Twitter although things can change anytime. According to initial reports, the companies that were eager to bid for Twitter were Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Apple, and since Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is on the board of Disney, Disney. Also, Disney is a media company and Twitter is trying to promote itself as a media platform rather than what it is normally referred to: microblogging website. Microsoft has already purchased LinkedIn so maybe there’s a little chance of it going for another social networking website. Google is trying to build its own social networking website and besides, it’s also promoting its own social networking app Google Allo and wouldn’t like to confuse people.

Another reason why Google may not bid for Twitter is that right now it seems Google’s focus is going to be its upcoming smartphone Google Pixel and the associated artificial intelligence paraphernalia.

Is the new acquisition going to kill Twitter or take it to the next level, a much better level that the current Twitter handlers under Jack Dorsey haven’t been able to achieve? It depends on who finally buys Twitter and what sort of responsibilities the new owners take and what are the expectations. Despite not being able to make profits, Twitter has a global presence. It has changed the world of information flow forever. Massive amount of user data is there with Twitter and companies looking to tap into big data would find a wealth of information hidden within Twitter servers.

Google so far would have been the best buyer for Twitter but surprisingly, or not surprisingly, the company isn’t much interested. Presently Twitter is promoting itself as a media company and Google, in the form of YouTube, has lots of media to promote. It could have integrated Twitter with YouTube and created an entirely new social media/social networking entity. So far it hasn’t been able to create a successful social networking platform on its own and Twitter would have given it a thriving community, because the problem with Twitter is not lack of user activity, the problem is that the current management cannot figure out how to make money out of Twitter.

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