National Unplugging Day is coming up in the UK

National Unplugging Day Being Celebrated in the UK

The situation seems to be alarming in the UK. According to this news report, surveyed 6000 parents in the UK and discovered to everybody’s shock that on an average smart phone owner checks his or her mobile phone 240 times a day. That’s 4 hours of screen time every day. 47% Britishers first check their Facebook messages before getting out of bed or even attending to their children. Many families think it’s alright to let kids immerse themselves in gadgets in order to spend their time.

Considering the seriousness of the situation, a National Unplugging Day is being celebrated in the UK this Sunday when parents will be encouraged to ditch their mobile phones, tablets and computers and spend some quality time in the real world. How much such a campaign succeeds isn’t really important, what’s important is that people are becoming aware of the problem.

Again, the problem is not with the technology, the problem is the way people are getting addicted to it. This is a warning sign also because technology is still at its nascent state. There is going to come a time when everything including your table, chair, bathroom mirror, bedroom wall, a room window, etc., will be nothing but a big gadget.

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