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I have used Netflix for many months now – in fact I have been using it, on and off, ever since it was launched in India. The same is the case with Amazon Prime Video, not because I subscribed to it to watch movies and TV shows, but because I already have a subscription of Amazon Prime. There are so many ways in which trends in ecommerce technology is taking over the internet and the digital retail industry.

Nonetheless, I have fiddled with both the services for enough time to give my initial comments and feedback.

Amazon Prime Video is way cheaper than Netflix

An annual Amazon Prime Video subscription costs a mere Rs. 500 (roundabout). My current Netflix subscription costs me around Rs. 650 per month. Besides, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can already access Amazon Prime Video without paying extra – so in that sense it’s a free service for you.

The Netflix interface is much, much better than Amazon Prime Video

In terms of interface, Netflix gives you everything you may need to manage your content. You can create your lists, you can navigate between various seasons and various episodes with just a couple of clicks. The various categories and genre are well-organised. Talking about personal list, a small problem is that you cannot create multiple playlists in Netflix and this is a feature they should introduce.

Amazon Prime Video on the other hand, is still a work in progress. You cannot access all the seasons if Amazon Prime Video is just showing Season 2 or Season 3. If Netflix seems to be charging more, it also seems to be a better media-streaming service with its better content organization and a very nice interface.

At least in India, content on Netflix is much better than Amazon Prime Video

They have stuffed Amazon Prime Video with old Indian movies and TV shows and lots of silly cartoons for kids – most of this content you can any day get free of cost from YouTube.

Finding something worth-watching can be a tedious exercise on Amazon Prime Video, unless you know exactly what you want to watch and can search by the name of the movie or the TV show. This might also be because they have just launched the service so they might be putting more content onto their servers but right now, it seems like an add-on service that is being provided just because Amazon has the resources to spare. It may turn into another Star TV providing second-rate Bollywood and regional content. With this being said, I have heard that there’s an Amazon Prime hack you can use to change countries and access their content so I will definitely need to look into this. If you’re confident using VPNs and doing this then Amazon Prime will definitely be the better option because of the lower price.

Netflix knows its audience. I’m not saying all its content is up to the mark, but it is far better than Indian Amazon Prime Video. It is posting lots of original, Netflix-produced content on a regular basis. There is a great choice of TV shows and movies.

Netflix recently clamped down on VPN and DNS services that allowed you to access American Netflix. Although region-wise content is sufficient, it is nothing compared to the sort of movies and TV shows they have on the American version of Netflix.

Netflix works with Chromecast (Google Home) but Amazon Prime Video doesn’t

This is a big annoyance. Netflix worked with Chromecast or Google Home out of the box. Click the casting icon and Netflix shows up on your TV. Amazon Prime Video has no such option due to whatever weird reason. The only way I can watch Amazon Prime Video content on my TV is by casting the current tab of my Google Chrome browser on my PC and then running Amazon Prime Video there. With almost every online video streaming service allowing people to watch content on TV, Amazon shouldn’t expect that people will be watching its content just on PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

Concluding remarks

Despite the fact that there’s a big difference in pricing, I’m going to stick to Netflix because of the quality of content, a better interface and an ease of use. It feels more professional. Even if I’m getting Amazon Prime Video for free right now, I’m not using it in a serious manner the way I use Netflix.

My local ISP provides a video streaming service just to encourage people to consume more bandwidth and Amazon Prime Video is just slightly better than the video streaming service from my local ISP.

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