My current to-do app is Any.Do

I've started using Any.Do
I've started using Any.Do

This is just a quick update. These days, for a few days, I have been using Any.Do as my every day to-do app.

Sometime back I had written that I had started using OneNote for my daily schedule and I had also listed reasons for why I was using it. Although it is great to maintain a schedule in OneNote because it is almost like a real-world notebook, the problem is that it is bulky, and a bit buggy on mobile phones and tablets. It is very good for the PC and the laptop but it isn’t there yet for mobile usage.

It could also be because both my mobile phone and my Android tablet are quite old now. Maybe it works better in contemporary mobile phones and tablets. But since I don’t plan to buy a new phone or a new tablet, I had to look for an alternative.

This is the biggest reason why I started exploring the apps I have occasionally used over these years.

I have been a big fan of Todoist and I have used it for a couple of years, both the free and the premium version. My only problem with Todoist is that they don’t show completed tasks on the same screen and that’s a big drag. I need to know what I have completed. Any.Do, although, is not my 1st choice, it shows completed tasks on the same screen.

Any.Do is not as comprehensive as Todoist but somehow on the Internet it is considered the best-looking to-do app. It is simplistic. It is clean. All the features that are present in Any.Do work seamlessly. It is a solid app.

The only problem with Any.Do is that it is difficult to set future dates like you can do in Todoist. In Todoist, you can straightaway type the date within the task and the date is assigned to the task, even the time. Something like “call the computer maintenance guy on Feb 23, 2017”, and it assigns the date February 23, 2017 to the task “call the computer maintenance guy”.

If you do the same thing in Any.Do, the date becomes part of the string that you have typed to create the task. This is a feature the team of Any.Do should consider adding.

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