Which music streaming service is better in India: Gaana, Wynk or Apple Music?


There might be many music streaming services in India but the three that I have actively used our Gaana.com, Wynk and Apple Music. Which one is better? Which one is the best?

Please keep in mind that this is my observation and I might be writing about my experience based on the sort of songs I like – old Bollywood songs. I couldn’t care a fig about the latest Bollywood songs or even Western music. Although sometimes I do listen to Western music, I wouldn’t pay for the music streaming service specifically for listening to Western music.

My preference for a music streaming service depends on the following factors:

  1. Can I play songs on my PC as well as on a smartphone/tablet?
  2. Can I create custom playlists easily?
  3. Can I easily find pre-made playlists of my liking?
  4. Do I find songs and music albums I’m looking for?
  5. What is the quality of music being streamed?
  6. How does the interface feel?


It is one of the first music streaming services I have ever subscribed to without even a compelling need to subscribe. I don’t know whether it was Gaana.com or another music streaming service that stops playing songs if you are not a paying subscriber after 20-30 minutes, but I remember that was not the reason why I subscribed to this music streaming service. I subscribed because I really want to encourage such services in India.

I consistently use Gaana.com because it gives me the following features:

  1. Play songs on my PC as well as on a smartphone/tablet
  2. I can easily create custom playlists
  3. I can easily find pre-made playlists of my liking
  4. In most of the cases I can find songs and music albums I’m looking for
  5. Quality of the streaming music is quite nice
  6. The interface is satisfactory, both on the PC (browser) and smartphone

There is a Windows 10 desktop app that you can use, but uptil now, I have found it quite klutzy.

The interface both in the browser and the mobile phone is quite nice although I don’t find the dark interface quite friendly, but this is my personal choice. As long as I find good music, I don’t think I would change a music streaming service just for the looks.


I started using Wynk just absentmindedly recently when I purchased a mobile data pack from Airtel and got an SMS from them about the music streaming service. I remember a few months ago my wife’s nephew had recommended the service when I told him that I was using Gaana.com. He said that the songs I was looking for are available on the service.

I installed the Wynk music streaming service half-heartedly because I’m already quite used to using Gaana.com for my daily dose of old Bollywood songs. Another reason why I installed Wynk was that suddenly I was able to install a different version of Android on my HTC Desire 816 and hence, had more space on the phone.

The service is good. Although I didn’t find all the songs I was looking for the way I can find them on Gaana.com, the interface is quite pleasing to the eye and even the quality of songs is quite good. I’m not sure when you are using the service whether you have to pay a subscription as well as for the data plan or everything is included. Since I didn’t want multiple music streaming apps on my mobile phone, for the time being I have uninstalled the Wynk app.

Apple Music

I have subscribed to Apple Music primarily for my daughter because she listens to English songs. Normally we purchase the songs using iTunes and since she has an older iPod which does not play Apple Music, this still remains our primary mode of accessing English songs. But still, I have subscribed to the Apple Music service because when she is using her iPad Air she is quite happy that she can listen to whatever song she wants to. I can also use Apple Music service on my PC.

Apple Music is a complete no-performer when it comes to old Bollywood songs. If you’re looking for quality Bollywood music, I wouldn’t recommend Apple Music but if you want good English music or any sort of Western music, then this is a better option because for a monthly subscription you can access unlimited number of songs. Since you have to stream the songs you always need Internet connection but these days data packs are quite cheap so that shouldn’t be a problem.

So which music streaming service is better in India?

As I have written above, the music streaming service of your preference would be depending on the sort of music you listen to but in my case, I prefer old Bollywood songs. With this overwhelming parameter, I prefer Gaana.com. It has got great playlists. It easily allows you to create your own playlists. If you like contemporary Bollywood music, you will find everything there. The best thing is you can play the music across devices. Combine this with the ability to pay good quality old Bollywood songs, Gaana.com is my first choice.

Wynk is mostly a mobile app so anyway I was not going to use it for a long time. Besides, since there is no dedicated website for the service, I couldn’t find more information – I must confess that I didn’t even look for more information because I didn’t feel motivated enough. I feel Wynk can give a good competition to Gaana.com, but not right now.

The same is the case with Apple Music, although right now in terms of my personal preference, it is far below Gaana.com and Wynk. Once you’ve decided which streaming service you’re going to use, makes sure you have the best Hi-Fi (take a look at graham slee hifi reviews for some ideas).

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