Your mobile phone battery could be charged in 20 minutes

Super mCharge battery charges in 20 minutes
Super mCharge battery charges in 20 minutes

A Chinese smartphone company called Meizu claims that it has developed a technology that would allow your smartphone to charge from 0 to full in 20 minutes. The new technology is called Super mCharge and it was unveiled on Tuesday at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. The technology can charge a 3000mAh battery in 20 minutes.

The company claims that the Super mCharge technology is 5.5 times faster than the previous technology. It charges the mobile phone battery 60% in 10 minutes and fully in 20 minutes.

Many mobile phone companies are moving away from providing removable batteries due to various technical reasons so in case you are having a battery problem there are only two solutions available: bigger batteries or very fast charging batteries. Batteries that can last longer grow bigger in size according to the technology currently available. Bigger battery means bigger phones. Although people do want smartphones with bigger screens, they don’t want heavier and thicker phones. So the next best solution for the time being is, batteries that can be charged very fast. Many smartphones are already coming with the “Quick Charge” technology that allow you to charge your mobile phone quite fast.

The problem with the current fast charging technology is that it can heat up your phone and even start a fire in the worst-case scenario. The Super mCharge technology is supposed to keep the temperature low. As this link explains, the highest the temperature goes is 39°C while charging your mobile phone extremely fast (extremely fast according to current technology).

The data cable has been specially designed for this type of charging. The data cable for this Super mCharge technology can support 160 W of power.

Recently Qualcomm announced a Quick Charge 4.0 technology in its new Snapdragon 835 processor that lets you charge a 2750mAh battery 50% in 15 minutes.

Why do technology companies talk about charging the mobile phone battery up till a particular percentage? It is believed that once your smartphone battery is charged 50%-60% you can use it for a considerable amount of time. During this period – when the mobile phone battery is being charged 50%-60% – higher wattage is used. This increases the temperature of the battery. After the battery has charged 50%, normal charging is resumed so that the threshold for causing a fire is not reached.

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