These might be leaked images of Windows 10 Cloud

Windows 10 Cloud leaked images 1
Windows 10 Cloud leaked images 1

Day before yesterday you read that Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 Cloud – a toned down version of Windows 10 that may run just Windows Store apps. By the name of the operating system it seems that Microsoft  might be working on something similar to Chrome OS but many sources are saying that the “Cloud” part of the operating system is just a convenient nomenclature and nothing else. By the end of the day, Windows 10 Cloud will just be a toned down version of the normal Windows 10 operating system  with the big difference being that you won’t be able to install your usual software applications:  you will only be able to use the apps from Windows Store.

Windows 10 Cloud leaked images 2

This Italian website called WindowsBlogItalia has published some leaked images of the Windows 10 Cloud operating system. The author of the website claims – he must be right as he or she has posted the screenshots of the Windows 10 Cloud operating system environment – that he or she has used the operating system and the initial talk of it being a lighter version of Windows 10 seems to be correct.

The website confirms the fact that you will be able to use only  Windows Store apps and conventional Windows app won’t work in the Windows 10 Cloud operating system.  People wanting to use the lighter version of Windows 10 shouldn’t be worried because, as described on the website, the Windows Store apps built using Microsoft’s Centennial Desktop bridge, which allows developers to move their Win32 apps  to the Windows Store, will be seamlessly able to work in Windows 10 Cloud. The Centennial Desktop bridge was developed to make it easier for Win32 and .NET developers to bring their apps to Windows 10 Store via a desktop converter.

Although Windows 10 Cloud may not work similar to Chrome OS, it is being said that Microsoft is planning to launch the new operating system as an alternative to Chrome OS because the new operating system will be lighter and cheaper. Just like Chrome OS,  only those apps will be working that are available in Windows Store.

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